Introducing ENFit

Introducing ENFit - a new standard enteral connector system for a safer way to provide tube feedings in the home!

The infusion of tube feeding formula into another medical line such as an IV can cause serious complications. To help reduce the chance of these misconnections, an international group of experts and manufacturers have developed a new design standard for tubing connectors including enteral feeding supplies. This new design is called ENFit and has a locking feature that creates a secure connection between the feeding bag, syringe and tube.

How will this impact you?
Over the next year this new design will change the look and function of feeding bags, syringes and feeding tubes. These changes will be introduced during phases over the next 12 months.

When can I expect to see this new ENFit design?
The feeding bags will now include a transition adaptor beginning February 2015. This adaptor will come in every bag set and allow you to connect your new ENFit feeding bags to your current system. The syringes and feeding tubes will change later in the year.

For more information about the ENFit conversion visit or you may contact the Option 1 Healthcare team of Registered Dietitians at 1-(866)-883-1188

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