Referring Your Patient to Option 1

Fax Referrals

At Option 1, we pride ourselves on making the referral process for our providers as quick and seamless as possible. Our job is to ensure smooth, continuity of care as patients are transitioned from your facility to their home environment.

You can submit a referral to Option 1 multiple ways:

(1) Fax Your Referral Documents to:
Toll Free Fax: 1 (866) 453-3332

(2) Download the Appropriate Form and Upload:

Option 1 Written Order Enteral Therapy Form

Option 1 Written Order Oral Supplements Form

Option 1 COMED-Q10 Form

Option 1 CMN Adult Form

Option 1 CMN Child Form

(3) Please Call Us If You Have Questions or Are Having Issues Faxing/Uploading Your Referral Paperwork:
Toll Free Phone: 1 (866) 883-1188

Please Include the Following Patient Information in Your Referral Paperwork:

  • Doctor’s Order
  • Patient’s Current Height & Weight
  • Insurance Information
  • History & Physical
  • Face Sheet