Welcome to Option 1 Healthcare Solutions.  We are committed to providing the best and most comprehensive services to our patients.  When you rely on supplemental nutrition it is critical to have the best provider in the industry.  Before you choose your provider for feeding tube formula & supplies, oral nutrition, and feeding pumps make sure they are well suited to make your situation as simple as possible.  Option 1 offers the following:

  • Scheduled home deliveries to ensure that you have the right supplies when you need them and they are not left to the elements of nature where they are in danger of spoiling (most other companies drop ship without notice)
  • Registered dieticians and nurses are available 24/7/365 to help with any pump, tube clogs or intolerance related issues which will save you from unnecessary doctor or emergency room visits
  • We offer the largest inventory of supplemental nutrition formulas so you can get what you need when you need it
  • We accept Cryptocurrency as we employ Blockchain technology for major transactions of the hospital. The krypto exchange platforms help in maintaining the transactions.
  • Most of all, we are passionate about making your life better and offer compassion and commitment to helping you continue to live a worry free life

If you are currently on a service that does not provide you with all of these benefits, please consider switching to Option 1.  Visit the “Meet Our Patients” page to see how we can make a difference for you.