Why Option 1 Healthcare Solutions?

Welcome to Option 1 Healthcare.  It is our mission to improve the lives of the patients we serve while saving our health plan partners money.  We reduce ER re-admissions, office visits, and shorten care terms by providing 24/7 support from our team of Registered Dietitians, Nurses, and Technicians who work to ensure the recovery plan stays on track and patients get better faster without the unnecessary expense of complications that arise when nutrition plans aren’t adhered to.  Here are few quick examples of what sets us apart.

  • Our technicians SCHEDULE delivery and hand deliver the nutrition products into the home.  This level of service prevents temperature sensitive products from freezing or overheating as they can do when other home health companies drop ship them without notice.
    • In-home delivery also helps to prevent patients or their parents from having to lift 20-30 pound packages of nutrition from their front porch
    • In addition, our techs are trained to visually ensure that the patient’s home environment is suitable for recovery and the patient doesn’t have an overstock (which results in poor outcomes or unnecessary expense to the plan)
    • Many times our technicians will even look to see if they can assist with emptying trash cans or other small tasks around the home
  • Our nurses and dieticians are available 24/7 and actively review cases and change orders to ensure the best recovery outcomes possible
  • We have the largest supply of pumps, nutrition, and supplies in the industry so we are prepared to handle anything at a moment’s notice