Option 1 Healthcare Payer Resource Center

Clinical Services

Our primary focus on Enteral Nutrition makes us experts in meeting and exceeding the clinical needs of our patients – both pediatric and adult. Additionally, the talent, skill and dedication of Option 1 employees go well beyond the required accreditation standards.

What We Offer:

  • Individualized care plans to meet the unique needs of each Enteral Nutrition patient
  • Registered Clinical Dietitians  provide customized care plans, nutritional consultation, assessment  and oversight
  • A professional clinical nutrition support team (including RN’s) that provides in-depth education to each patient the day of discharge (at hospital or home)
  • Nesting services to ensure caregiver’s peace of mind before discharge to ensure seamless transition and continuity of care
  • Registered nurses who follow-up with each patient after discharge
  • The largest selection of enteral formulas, supplies and pumps in the industry
  • Complementary products and services such as Urological, Wound Care, Ostomy, Cecostomy & Incontinence.