Online Referrals

Option 1 appreciates your interest in transitioning to our company for your enteral nutrition needs. Whether you are currently with another service provider or are planning to begin service for the first time, Option 1 is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible.

Your insurance provider requires that we have certain medical documentation on file prior to set up so we cannot begin your transition without the required medical documents.

If you are transitioning to us from another medical provider, you can request to have them fax over the necessary documentation. If you are not currently on service with any provider, you will need to contact your physician and have them fax us the necessary medical documentation.

To help ensure that your set-up process goes smoothly, we have provided the form and a list of the steps necessary to transition to Option 1.

Step 1: Download and Print Form(s)

Step 2: Obtain the Required Medical Documents

If you were previously on service with another provider, please contact them to see if they have the necessary paperwork already on file. If so, you can have them fax us the documentation along with your patient demographics. If they do not have your most current documentation on file you will need to contact your ordering physician for copies. If you have not been seen for an appointment within the last 6 months you may have to be seen by your physician before updated medical documentation can be obtained.

If you have never been on service with a provider please contact your ordering physician and have them fax us your most current medical documentation.

Step 3: Submit the Required Medical Documents to Option 1

Copies of the completed documents and forms can be uploaded directly to our Patient Care Team by clicking on the “Browse” button below to select the necessary files from your desktop and then by clicking on the “Submit” button to upload. You can also fax the documentation and forms directly to us at 1 (866) 453-3332.

An Option 1 Patient C.A.R.E. representative will contact you shortly after we receive your documents in regards to next steps.